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 Piece of my memory - "Little girl selling newspapers&qu

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Piece of my memory - "Little girl selling newspapers&qu Empty
PostSubject: Piece of my memory - "Little girl selling newspapers&qu   Piece of my memory - "Little girl selling newspapers&qu Icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2007 5:40 am

Little girl selling newspapers

I walk life of racing rats
I see as world is falling apart
It never stops like endless tale
Everyone hides themselves in shell
I am making a brake
Some gasp I want to take
I glare hard at people that pass me by
I cant find even slight smile
No tear to sparkle on chick from sun
Like any emotion is unnecessary and gone
I see little girl on a sidewalk second side of street
She looks like angels are moving her feet
Little girl with newspapers in hand
Little girl hard working for heavy rent
She asks passer-bys with squeaky voice
She is giving them almost irresistable choice
She sat near me tired from long walk
It would be harash to make her talk
Invincible words woke me up like little bell gong
I listened to her question like to song
I made mistake saying I dont need newspaper now
I told her I will be back soon around
I made rush to take care of my buisness
It took hours to accomplish whole list
I hit the ground of our bench in evening
Sunset breeze was chilling
Her place was empty with no trace
Now everyday I remember her face
Piece of disappointment messed with call
Rise my soul instead of letting me fall
I will always remember little girl selling newspapers
She was angel among us - hearts from papers
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Piece of my memory - "Little girl selling newspapers&qu
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