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 kind of a poem,but was myspaced.

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kind of a poem,but was myspaced. Empty
PostSubject: kind of a poem,but was myspaced.   kind of a poem,but was myspaced. Icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 2:19 am

following this misconception i live through each day,i planted myself in this place.this moment.i live for today but yesterday still lingers on my mind.constantly trying to seek my balance,this objective,this part of me that feels as though a piece is still missing.a part of me has not grown and yet..i'm living.i'm breathing,my heart is pumping blood,and still.i have just thoughts..just memories to keep the smile wide,the precious moments i cherish most are what keeps me warm inside.i love often,i love much,and is never quite enough.i try TRY try sooo hard to keep that hope,that knowledge,that someday i'm gonna land in the right place,and then everything will fade away....all these cloudy dreams,these wishes i constantly say aloud,i'm happy with the person i am.i'm oh SO proud.i'm a lady, baby.can't nobody bring me down.i'm standing crooked,but i'm standing tall.i'll prove you wrong one may think my mind is small,but that's for think you know.but there is SO much more of me you will never find all in all,i bid you good day,buena noir,and have much fun.and much love♥
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kind of a poem,but was myspaced.
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