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PostSubject: letter.   letter. Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 2:11 pm

im making this a little note.
so i hope you read this and know.
read it slow.
id like to tell myself nothing has changed.
but i want you to know nothing has.
happiness seems to fade faster than it should each day.
but i want you so bad its not normal anymore.
what should i do to remind you that someone out there still wants you.
i know she doesnt anymore. BUT I DO!!
i want you to know i hate being ignored.
we used to be good friends until you got bored.
all the cute things you told me..were they lies?
i dont know anymore.i dont want them to be.
when you used to tell me nothing would change how you felt,
when you cried because i moved.
you said alot that i believed.i dont want to waste my time on something that you
forgot you said.maybe i dont matter anymore.
maybe im yesterday's news and you...
you want someone new.
i dont like how it became..
i dont like how hard i fell for you and........
and you dont care anymore.i dont understand.
but im dying inside from keeping the tears from falling.
hopeless isnt it? why do you do this to me and not notice?
should i have said something? i couldnt. you loved someone else.
but you lied to me,didnt you? you never really wanted me.
you never really wanted me like you said.
what is so wrong with me that you would do this to me?
i want so much for you to understand.
so much for you to know how i feel.
its so hard living so far.
to hold your hand would be the most amazing thing.
to be inches away from your face.
to stare at it for as long as i want to and not feel guilty.
indulge in the moment.
but the tears fall when you cant find a reason to smile anymore.
because you dont want me anymore.
and im sorry.
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