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 how is it?

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PostSubject: how is it?   how is it? Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 2:09 pm

well how is it?
how is it that when i talk to you, i feel beautiful?
how is it that when i don't i feel ugly?
how is it that i am your 'best friend'
yet you won't even talk to me?
how is it that i cry inside all the time
yet you never hear it?
how is it that i said i wanted you
and you lied,you lied,you lied..
and said you wanted me too?
how is it that i let you take me over?
how is it that you had that power?
how is it that you moved on so quick
and i'm left here all alone feeling bitter and stupid
when you shed your tear and turned your cheek
never knowing how much you meant to me?
how is it that i don't get the chance?
how is it that you're so unfair and pretend to be sad
how is it that you have no feeling?
is this what i'm getting? are you forgetting?
how is it that i let you do this to me..
you're such a beautiful liar..
why can't i just see your face again..
knowing everything is a lie..
how is it that you did this??
how is it to feel you did?
how is it feeling..knowing you broke my heart..
and found another just in perfect time? is it?
how is it finding out that when you want me..
i'm finally all cried out and gone forever?
you better regret it..
you better find another..
because once you kiss her..this is it.
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how is it?
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