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 so.some questions.

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so.some questions. Empty
PostSubject: so.some questions.   so.some questions. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 07, 2009 11:41 pm

why am i the only one that writes on here anymore?
doesn't anybody else have a care for this?
and i feel like i should just delete some of my stuff.
i just feel like this is a journal of some sort.
but i love it.
i love this site so much.
and i have no idea why.
ok,so maybe i like to write alot.
about how i feel,about what's happened in my life,about my whole world.
i just think.
sometimes it's better to write about stuff so everyone can read it.
but sometimes...
it's NOT ok.
like everyone will know my whole life or something.
and you know what?
i don't even care.
as long as it's not posted all over the dang news,it's cool.
i like to be open.
i like to write.
i LOVE to write.
so leave me some comments.please?
i come on here ALOT.
just love it.
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so.some questions.
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