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PostSubject: Dannay.   Dannay. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2008 1:18 am

if i should feel her heartbeat once more i was going to pray for life.
i knew she was gone from us but i didn't believe it at the time.
somehow i believed she would move again.
as i looked closer at her eyelids,unmoving...i really contemplated shaking her awake.
her death was imminent yet i didn't even understand.
i was simply a child of 3...why wasn't she moving Mommy??
and why was she wearing MY necklace?
i wanted it back.
so i tore at it,trying to take it back.
it wouldn't come off,and my mother started to scramble towards me,to make me stop.
the infant i knew to be my dearest sister was lying perfectly still in a white basinet.
she was not moving.
and i wanted her to move.
i loved her so...
i wanted to hold her to me..
to play with her and hear her gentle laughter once more.
but she wouldn't move.
she wouldn't breathe.
i stared at her for awhile,not understanding..
Mommy was crying softly in the corner,carefully watching me.
i kept staring at my baby sister.
she was MY baby.i loved her more than anyone else did.
Mommy said she was sleeping and that i should leave her alone.
but then....why was her eyelids fluttering??
surly she was waking?
i was impatient,and hasty,and deeply annoyed.
all i wanted was my necklace and to go home.. was time to go outside.
Uncle came and took me with him...
and i saw Daddy..he'd been away for awhile..
he kept by Mommy.wouldn't come near me.
and then they took Baby Dannay.
they put her into a box.
and the box into the ground.
i looked all over the mountain and ran around.
all the little toys everywhere..
Mommy was worried,so Uncle called me to him..
i wanted to play..
then i simply remembered.
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PostSubject: Re: Dannay.   Dannay. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2008 11:07 am

u never told me this before...
im sorry!
hey im here!
god gave u me when dannay left.
i kno im nothing i kno i will never take ur sisters place.
but u know i love u like a sis!
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