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 i love you.l

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PostSubject: i love you.l   i love you.l Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2008 1:08 am

here we go with a song...
another day just gone wrong..
i wonder if you even know...
you're all i think of anymore.
so here's my heart.
ready for you to break apart.
and if you should ever let me go...
i've one more thing to tell you.
you really should know.
you're not the only one i've loved so i've been down that road before.
i know what's knocking loudly behind your closed doors.
and if you didn't know it i'm madly loving you.
so if you could please please understand..
for you to love another there is simply no more room.
i'm the one for you.i'm the one you should love.
i thank my lucky heart because....
i know you'll never tear it up.
so love me even if you have to force a smile.
love me if you don't know why.
tell me i'm all yours....and that you're all mine.
i love you more than i can ever tell you.
i love your heart,body,and mind..
i love you.
I love you
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i love you.l
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