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 Total Meltdown

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PostSubject: Re: Total Meltdown   Total Meltdown Icon_minitimeSat Nov 17, 2007 6:14 am

Uh... Its a painting of beauty sentences and words cheers ... written with master style flower ... and I can found strong inspiration of Kelly lyrics in it Very Happy ... like in other your lyrics too dear Sahara... but here I feel it a bit stronger Rolling Eyes Razz ... You name it more beauty than I could expect... *Total meltdown*... I think I like danger Smile ... cos I dont mind to be around such event Razz ... unless... you dont want me to be Embarassed ... Well... in such case i would only keep in touch Razz ... Ok... back to main topic... I guess you know what happen after volcano eruption geek ... New world, new ground, new place for new life... eh... I just want to say... I think it would be much better after all... when our *Volcano* will chill down lol! ... Ok ok.... I am kidding Wink ... Dont bite! Wink Razz
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Total Meltdown
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