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 Flower of care

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PostSubject: Flower of care   Sat Nov 03, 2007 4:51 pm

I like exchange of inspiration... like one heart beat cause heart beat in another person heart... Herein is its effect:

Flower of care

Behind image of world
I search for you
Between heart breaks and love motion
I dream about you
You are just 13 in world of lust and greed
You are too young to stop
Dark part of world makes me bleed
Among lies and truth we walk
I try to bring you flowers of care
Every hour, night and day
I am affraid each time I dont see you there
I have moments of screams, fear and shame
I just want to see you in the way you want
Free with your pure emotions
Loved, protected and with familly abroad
Traveling life like owner of all lands and oceans
Forgive me my attempt to be your guardian angel
It just cant work out
People seems to see in me only danger
They cant trust anyhow
I live on the edge of existence
I spread my mind like bird his wings
I fight for real love chance
I drink from innocent life spring
I want my soul to glow in dark of humanity mistakes
I want to be God healing hand
I rise my gifts to whatever it takes
I want to build temple from Earth sand
I want to be part of light harvesters
Let my eyes to swallow holy lore
All my friends are testers
Before me is less or more
And you in the way it shall be
I owe you for any step you make
I owe you for anything you did to me
I have true love I will never break
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PostSubject: Re: Flower of care   Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:30 am

Who did you write that abuout?

and did you post the one that you said you were going to show me? lol

Thats good by the way

Good Job boob.. u rock
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PostSubject: Re: Flower of care   Sat Nov 17, 2007 5:45 am

Hmmm... What if its about you? Suspect Razz ... Ummm... I am not sure about which one poem you are asking about Question Embarassed Shocked ... if its about that poem about spider... then I did show you Rolling Eyes lol! ... but... uh... your reaction was a bit strange Surprised ... maybe you had to step off from computer Idea ... or... ummm... only you cant tell me what happened Neutral ... Anyway... Thanks for telling me I rock cheers ... Hmmm... Do you think I use hammer or hack Wink jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: Flower of care   

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Flower of care
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