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 The legend - first english poem of mine

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The legend - first english poem of mine Empty
PostSubject: The legend - first english poem of mine   The legend - first english poem of mine Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2007 2:37 pm

The Legend

Her voice is sailing through the seas
My lonlyness is breaking me with tears
Making my eyes watching deep
I see her somewhere fall asleep
She has the gratest soul I have ever found
And purest heart with blessed voice sound
Her singing crashes every shell
Even my secrets will soon faill
I need her to change my destiny
By reading words of liberty
The acient legend loudly speaks
There is the One who Gloom seeks
Her sweet smile can change wind direction
Her beautiful eyes blaze with stars reflection
Moon gives her protection every night
Sun keeps her safe from beast fight
Rain washes her sadnes away
Earth always listen what she wants to say
She is the treasury of this world
Without her I am nothing worth
Born to guard the truth
I will even walk hell through
To find out what she wants to feel
I shall give all my time and will
And somehow I want her to be
Forever and ever my destiny

Long story why I wrote it... long story why I have ever started to write poetry in english... The legend... now I am not sure who it was about... Well... I guess it was about... an ANGEL Smile
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The legend - first english poem of mine
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