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 Heaven Lyre

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PostSubject: Heaven Lyre   Thu Oct 18, 2007 2:25 pm

Heaven Lyre

Every time I try to make my voice to sing
I hear my silence and I learn - its not my gift
Every time I hear you ruling sounds - I know
I have many reasons why I love you so
Every little moment I miss my chance
I remember sparks of dream that used to dance
Every little moment I see your light
Pure, warm, glorious, winning surounding dark
Now I see it in other people too
I learned love in the way its true
It makes me never alone
Now my faith is invincible one
My heart is singing by every its motion
I hug lives with angel caution
I love them the way it should be
Let it be my eternal creed
let me search for God in little beings
Because I know He is written in their feelings
Every little smile and tear
Those are nutes from Heaven Lyre
Let me listen to its music now and ever after
like to mesage of out from under

I wrote it inspired by song *Out from under* of Joanna... I think it changed my life... for better Very Happy... and I wouldnt found it if not my friend... Sahara... she is Big Emo Wink... well... sometiems tongue ... but most of all... she is my best friend
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Lyre   Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:33 am

I am So not emo.
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Lyre   Sat Nov 17, 2007 5:54 am

You know... I can be not so emo too... specially when I am affraid of my feelings... I turn to cold logic then... but I cant fully depend on it too... It fails diffrent... but with the same effect... Even one brick of lies can demolish pyramid of trust... Damm... I miss home... Anyway... I got affraid of something lately... It looks like I was looking for Bre words in your sentences... eh... and I found Tisey words in it too... Both messed with me leaving scars... but... I think I left them more... not only scars... Let me explain... some of your words... maybe generate by my behaviour... or its just trick of my mind... those words reminds me their sentences!... I am taking care of it right now... Cooling down like reactor in danger of blowing up... but... I read your lyricks... I feel totlay dorky now... totaly confused... affraid... but what can I do... I fully admire your talent... but... on the side... I am trying to understand all what is happening with you... around you... and with me... Like strong deja vus i have lately... When I cant understand you well so much disconnected from your life... Terms are cruel... I have to guess too much... I passed it not only once... Now I know I will fail cos you will not... and you dont want to tell me much... And I know... problems comes in main force from me inside... The way I am... The way I can harm... The way I expect truth... The way I belive in need of trust... The way I am messed inside my heart... I am a fool... trying to get trough the mirror... the mirror showing me image of you... How much of it is true?... How much its taintet by shaking hand of painter that is my mind? Sad ... Btw... Logic tells me you are angry on someone... First rection is that you are angry on me... but i think you are on someone else... and everyone around you will have to feel it... If you need punching bag... I can try to help... and together we can work it out... or... if writting satisfy you fully... then... I wish you to hold strong... My Little Rose...
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Lyre   

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Heaven Lyre
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